Bayeux was founded in 1992, based on the technical-business experience of its directors acquired over decades, acting in the management of businesses related to foreign trade of large national and transnational companies.

Since its creation, Bayeux has worked with a high level of professionalism providing import, export and integrated logistics services, which makes it the leader in that field of activity, for the proven reductions and for the continuous search for excellence in the provision of foreign trade and integrated logistics services, in order to ensure the quality and reliability of the services provided.



Always satisfy the customers needs, through the continuous search for excellence in the provided foreign trade and logistics services.



To be recognized as the best service company in our sector, based on the high quality standards of our services.



Personal growth with a commitment to excellence and focusing on our customer underpin our competitive strength.


  • Having an ethical conduct in all our interactions and transactions involved in our business, customers, suppliers, government officials and colleagues is vital condition for the existence of our company.

  • Being committed to our costumers and business partners is the basis for building a mutual and positive relationship.

  • To be recognized as the best service company in our market, we must provide an outstanding and unique service to out costumers, guided by high standards of quality.

  • Due to our continuous and uninterrupted service requires involvement with government agencies, honesty, integrity and strict compliance with Brazilian Laws are obligations that must never be breached.

  • The growth of our company begins with each of its employees. Promoting a positive work environment based on mutual respect and commitment to health and safety is the key to provide growth opportunities for all people involved in our company.

  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations must be considered in all actions of all members of our company, always aiming the protection of nature.